August 23, 2015

Development Changes Over The Past Few Months.

Have a look at how game development changes over just a short time. Found an old screenshot of LED of how it looked a few months back in development. Huge difference, so I decided to go a little more in depth about what makes the two versions different.

Here are the screenshots. The one on the left is the old version. Below I highlight the main differences seen between them.

Development Changes - Led old screenshot    Development Changes - Led New Screenshot

Left: Old, Right: New

Differences in the screenshots:

  1. The biggest change visually is the addition of depth and tron-like look to the background. The game was originally completely 2D, then I added a 3D camera and experimented.
  2. Another important one are the obstacles surrounding the arrow. The game evolved from just swiping as fast as possible to knowing when to swipe and how, all the way to dodge all these endless combinations of lasers that can kill you. The lasers eventually inspired the entire laser theme that can be seen now.
  3. Collectable items called Tetras fly in from the background and increase your score multiplier.
  4. The old version had 3 lives, seen in the top left. The new version surrounds you with a shield that can be lost and reclaimed, and making a wrong move without your shield results in a game over.
  5. Below the lives in the old version screenshot there’s a small white line. This is the timer running down. The new version has no timer, but is much more dangerous due to obstacles.

This post makes me wonder what other popular games were like earlier in development.

Be sure to look for LED coming to the app store soon.

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