September 23, 2015

LED Trailer and Soundtrack Announcement

The Trailer

Over the month I’ve been working on this game LED, I’ve been neglecting to actually make a trailer for it. Well I finally sat myself down, recorded a lot of footage, and put the best clips together. Here’s the official trailer for LED.


Night Runner

If you don’t recognize the music in the trailer, it’s from a truly talented music making duo called Night Runner. They’re tagline is “Just two guys trying to make rad music”, and that’s exactly what they are. Not only is their music in the trailer, but five(5) of their songs from their album Starfighter will be featured as the Official Soundtrack for LED. The song in the trailer is called Sentinels, but my favorite track is probably The Invaders.

When I first discovered them I was scouring the internet looking for what would be the perfect background music for LED (back when the game had no name). I instantly fell in love with their music and emailed them saying “it’s perfect for the game, can we work out some kind of partnership”. And here we are. Not only are they talented making musc, but they’re stand-up, humble, quality guys, and if you haven’t heard their Starfighter album, listen to it below.

NOTE: According to their twitter they will soon feature music in a soon to be announced action flick, so pay attention to that as well.

Thing Worth Mentioning

Release Date?

Another question I keep getting is, when is the actual release date so I can play it. Well there are still one or two bugs I need to get to fixing, then the iOS App Store submission process, which notoriously takes 1-2 weeks for approval. I will take that time to thoroughly port the game to android phones. This way I should be able to release both versions simultaneously.

So a tentative release date is currently set for October 7, pending Apple’s approval process and other factors.

Beta Version

In the mean time, I’m still accepting iOS beta testers to get this game as perfect as possible before release. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested.


LED page:

Twitter: SuperJustin5000

Trailer: Youtube

Starfighter Album:  Bandcamp

Night Runner Twitter: NightRunnerMX

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