October 1, 2015

LED iOS Beta Announcement


Swipe your way through a laser filled world of obstacles, bosses, collectables, building up your permanent score multiplier along the way for the highest scores and levels possible. Some obstacles are even too difficult for myself to handle but I know there’s someone out there who can take them on.

Beta Sign Up

To be able to download the beta, through the Apple Test Flight app, comment with your name and email, or if you don’t want it public sign up HERE, or even message me on Twitter.

This is basically the full version of the game playable now. I want all the feedback possible before officially releasing the game and finishing the port to android.

Anyone who signs up and gives quality feedback will be added to the credits under Quality Assurance, both in the game itself, and on the game’s landing page.

Official Trailer

Here’s the trailer for anyone who may have missed it:


Enjoy and don’t forget to send me your information or comment below if interested.

Thank you

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