UITableView scroll to new row only when at the end of table.

[tldr: code at bottom] Let me explain the title. I wanted to have a UITableView that adds new rows, and also scrolls to the new row that just got inserted. But theres the annoying that if you’re viewing older rows in the middle of the tableview, you don’t want the tableview to scroll you away […]

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Turn an Mov Into a Gif On OSX

The following post explains it all. It’s how I made this. The following post is from   enjoy.   Follow, subscribe, and look for LED coming soon to the app store.

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Unity Social.ReportProgress Problem Solved

I was running into this problem trying to get Achievements to work for LED. Calling Social.ReportProgress kept outputing  cache count is 0 in the XCode  and then whatever debug.log I told it to output in case of failure. The answers came when I found this forum thread. A few people on the thread even wrote […]

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