New Project Details – Sci-Fi Interactive Story

Began work on a new game about 2 weeks ago. It is a Sci-Fi interactive story where your choices will greatly effect the outcome, from small to large.

Some Backstory

I’ve been wanting to do a game like this ever since the last global game jam, where my team and I developed a Sci-Fi text adventure called Orbital. It was like your classic text adventure, but had images, and supported multiplayer. Here’s a screenshot.

Sci-Fi interactive story called Orbital

Orbital from Global Game Jam 2015

You played as a member of the crew of a starship who had just woken from cryo sleep and your ship was heavily damaged and off course. You explored the ship, finding out detailed to what happened, fixing it, but crashing on a planet, and that’s wear the game jam story left off.

And you can find more on it on the global game jam site

We had planned to evolve this into a full fledged title for PC and Mac , but lives got in the way and it was never finished.

The New Project (The Crew)

I’ve decided to take the game and finish it, at least in spirit, reworking the story and gameplay a bit. I’m moving the game to mobile devices, and because of that, I’ve decided to remove the ‘typing out commands’ aspect and present the player with a list of options after each bit of story. Along with that, you will have upgrades as the game progresses allowing you to be presented with more options you wouldn’t have previously been able to choose from.

Think Mass Effect in that aspect. The entire story will be dialog driven.

As for the story, tentatively titled ‘The Crew’, you will experience the story from the point of view of the Ship’s computer, similar to the the Computer of Star Trek or HAL9000 from 2001: a space odyssey. You will be making critical decisions for the crew of the ship, each changing the course of the story in several directions. You will get to know the crew personally. They will talk to you, confide in you, and trust you to make the right decisions for them. Will you end up leading the crew to salvation, or will you disappoint them, causing them to turn on you and forcing you make difficult decisions. Do you sacrifice crew members for the sake of the mission, do you kill them for trying to tamper with your systems?

I don’ t want to reveal too much yet, but you can see the possibilities are enormous. I have so much mapped out already.

Interactive Story Development

The story is being written using a great interactive story creation tool called Twine. I was going to write my own dialog tree creator until I thankfully found this application. Here’s a screenshot of a segment I was just working on.

Interactive Story Creation using Twine

Quick look at one of the segments I was working on.

If you’re into creating branching interactive stories, I suggest you check out Twine.

As for the iOS app itself, I’ve been working on it diligently and have a working prototype, though I don’t feel it’s worth showing off just yet, but I will have something in the near future. I want to integrate it into all devices natively, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. Then hopefully do the same for Android devices. I want each to feel like it was meant to be played on it’s respective device, while keeping the experience the same for the story.

I know there are games out there like this that I recently found while working on it. Most notably the Lifeline series and anything from the people at Choice Of Games. So I’m definitely not claiming originality in terms of creating an interactive story for mobile devices, but I do plan on putting my own unique and original spin on it which I hope all of you will enjoy.

More to come in the next post.

I would love to get any and all feedback from you guys so don’t hesitate to post questions/comments.

Have a good one,


UITableView scroll to new row only when at the end of table.

[tldr: code at bottom]

Let me explain the title. I wanted to have a UITableView that adds new rows, and also scrolls to the new row that just got inserted.

But theres the annoying that if you’re viewing older rows in the middle of the tableview, you don’t want the tableview to scroll you away from that when it adds a new row.

I created this method that only scrolls to the newly added row, when you’re at the end of the tableview, so if you’re viewing some data in the middle of the tableview, it won’t scroll you away from it. This works with both single-section and multi-section tableviews as well. Explanation in the code comments. It’s pretty simple actually.

It’s also useful for anyone looking for how to make the table scroll when adding a new row, regardless of where you are in the tableview.

Enjoy, this is coming straight from a new game project I’m working on.

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

Post Release Update of LED – Laser Evasion Dynamics.

First of all, if you haven’t downloaded and played it yet do so now. LED – Laser Evasion Dynamics is available on both the iOS and Google Play app stores and it’s free.

App Store :
Google Play Store :


Since its release LED has received nothing but positive ratings/reviews from both app stores, reddit, youtube, twitter, etc. That being said, it hasn’t made the biggest impact in terms of players and downloads, approximately 250 and 130 installs on iOS and Android respectively as of today. Nonetheless, I’ve been diligent with getting the word out, and I encourage everyone who finds the game fun to do the same.


One thing I’ve been looking for is a mobile game website to give LED a proper review. So, if you’re reading this and you work for one of those websites. Contact me asap, , or use the contact form on the site here.


If you’ve been following independent game development on twitter you may have heard of a start up called ProjectMQ by brothers Marcus and Malcolm Howard. You can find out more about them at or on their twitter profile, but essentially they are creating a social media application to connect independent developers with each other as well as gamers. Their pilot is launching this holiday weekend, so be sure to check them out, especially since LED will be included in the launch along side plenty of other great indie games ProjectMQ has chosen. So follow them or myself on twitter @SuperJustin5000 to keep up.

Bonus (Short behind the scenes video of the development of LED)

I recently chopped together some footage I had found from when I was developing LED. I compiled it, added some background music, and uploaded it to youtube. Enjoy.

If you’d like to watch the trailer for LED, check it out HERE

As always I always welcome comments, questions, and suggestions, so don’t hesitate. Have a great thanksgiving weekend everyone.


LED iOS Beta Announcement


Swipe your way through a laser filled world of obstacles, bosses, collectables, building up your permanent score multiplier along the way for the highest scores and levels possible. Some obstacles are even too difficult for myself to handle but I know there’s someone out there who can take them on.

Beta Sign Up

To be able to download the beta, through the Apple Test Flight app, comment with your name and email, or if you don’t want it public sign up HERE, or even message me on Twitter.

This is basically the full version of the game playable now. I want all the feedback possible before officially releasing the game and finishing the port to android.

Anyone who signs up and gives quality feedback will be added to the credits under Quality Assurance, both in the game itself, and on the game’s landing page.

Official Trailer

Here’s the trailer for anyone who may have missed it:


Enjoy and don’t forget to send me your information or comment below if interested.

Thank you

LED Trailer and Soundtrack Announcement

The Trailer

Over the month I’ve been working on this game LED, I’ve been neglecting to actually make a trailer for it. Well I finally sat myself down, recorded a lot of footage, and put the best clips together. Here’s the official trailer for LED.


Night Runner

If you don’t recognize the music in the trailer, it’s from a truly talented music making duo called Night Runner. They’re tagline is “Just two guys trying to make rad music”, and that’s exactly what they are. Not only is their music in the trailer, but five(5) of their songs from their album Starfighter will be featured as the Official Soundtrack for LED. The song in the trailer is called Sentinels, but my favorite track is probably The Invaders.

When I first discovered them I was scouring the internet looking for what would be the perfect background music for LED (back when the game had no name). I instantly fell in love with their music and emailed them saying “it’s perfect for the game, can we work out some kind of partnership”. And here we are. Not only are they talented making musc, but they’re stand-up, humble, quality guys, and if you haven’t heard their Starfighter album, listen to it below.

NOTE: According to their twitter they will soon feature music in a soon to be announced action flick, so pay attention to that as well.

Thing Worth Mentioning

Release Date?

Another question I keep getting is, when is the actual release date so I can play it. Well there are still one or two bugs I need to get to fixing, then the iOS App Store submission process, which notoriously takes 1-2 weeks for approval. I will take that time to thoroughly port the game to android phones. This way I should be able to release both versions simultaneously.

So a tentative release date is currently set for October 7, pending Apple’s approval process and other factors.

Beta Version

In the mean time, I’m still accepting iOS beta testers to get this game as perfect as possible before release. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested.


LED page:

Twitter: SuperJustin5000

Trailer: Youtube

Starfighter Album:  Bandcamp

Night Runner Twitter: NightRunnerMX

LED Landing Page

Finally created a landing page for LED. There’s a lot of screenshots, videos, and info all nicely packed into one page for easy viewing. Got to get back to work on the trailer and add it in.


Screenshot of the page:

Any questions, never hesitate to comment or contact me.

LED Preview – Introduction Tutorial

Here are the very first moments of the game after pressing play.

What I didn’t want to make was a book of still images with a lot of text that keep you from playing. Game instructions should not be numerous minutes to hours of text (cough* Final Fantasy 8). Instead, what we have here is the very brief, and more interactive version. In order to progress to the next phase of the tutorial, simply follow the on screen instructions as well as your own instincts.

Not only does it progress you through the tutorial, which in total takes about 30 seconds, but each phase gets you to feel the game out and teaches you an important aspect about the game that might normally take time to discover or be very confusing without this tutorial at all. This is important because not long after the first few levels, the game will throw some frustrating, overwhelming, and maybe even fun, obstacles at you.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Turn an Mov Into a Gif On OSX

The following post explains it all.

It’s how I made this.

The following post is from




Follow, subscribe, and look for LED coming soon to the app store.

LED Screenshots August 30, 15

A look at  some screenshots of the nearly complete version of the LED for iOS. Going to try and get a video up soon.


LED is coming soon to the app store.

Unity Social.ReportProgress Problem Solved

I was running into this problem trying to get Achievements to work for LED. Calling Social.ReportProgress kept outputing  cache count is 0 in the XCode  and then whatever debug.log I told it to output in case of failure.

The answers came when I found this forum thread.

A few people on the thread even wrote their own plugins for Unity to get Game Center Achievements working.

Here’s one by Marcpeyre – GameCenterReportAchievementPlugin

And the other by TheSlayerNo1 – GKAchievementReporter.unitypackage

At first I couldn’t get either of them working …


I doubled checked the Achievement ID I was using and it turns out there are actually two different IDs in iTunesConnect.

One is assigned by the developer under your app, under GameCenter:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.39.59 PM


And the other seems to be some ID generated by apple under your apps main page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.39.43 PM

At first I was using the ID generated by apple, and it was giving me the error mentioned. I then switched to the other ID and it worked. Success.

Also I was using TheSlayerNo1’s plugin.

Any questions, contact me.